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Early Start

After an early start (most were awake by 6am!) we headed downstairs for our breakfast followed by sandwich making. 

Lots of happy faces when everyone saw the spread at breakfast: cereal, toast and a cooked breakfast. As you can see, we have many empty plates…and a few of those are empty seconds!


Layla -  I’m good at making my lunch as I help to do it at home. Although, we don’t get Branston pickle at home so this is great as I love it. 

Phoebe- the beds were very comfy and everyone had a good time, even though we were nervous being away from home


Activity 1: mammal trapping 

Our first activity of the day was to check the mammal traps we set last night. On arrival, we saw many closed doors, which meant we had a good chance of having caught something! 


Very quietly and carefully, we carried our traps back to the circle. Then Sam and Alex (our tutors) unpacked each trap into a clear bag so that we could safely see if any mammals were trapped. 

We are pleased to announce that we were very, very successful! 


Bingley group caught 7 voles

Molly and Lucy - vole Lolly

Ilana and Annabel - Miley vole 

Jude and William - Jerry vole 

Imogen and Olivia G - tulip vole 

Jessica L and Jaylee - Jayica vole

Finley and Josh - Cofftoff ii vole 

Miss Lomas - vole Vincent Van Vole


Freya and Maggie - signs of poo but it was a ninja mouse!

Harrison and Kian - ninja vole

Amelia and Jessica H - ninja vole


Ennion group caught 3 mice and a vole

George and Max - Teddy the mouse 

Layla and Elodie - Pickles the mouse 

Elijah and Elliot - Sonic the mouse 

Holly and Phoebe - Cookie the vole 

Lucy - opening the mammal traps was my favourite because I liked seeing how the animals adapted to the different environments. 


Bingley Group

Bingley Group

Our next activity was to learn about life during the Georgian period. We went for a walk into East Bergholt and found some key places: baker, hat shops, village school, the village pub and the blacksmiths. 

We stopped a few times on our walk to admire the beautiful Dedham Vale countryside. We were lucky enough to see a female pheasant and sheep up close, as well as a range of other animals. 

Ennion Group

Ennion group collected clues in their treasure hunt and then performed the tale of John Constable magnificently! We enjoyed some very engaging acting and funny ad lib interactions! Super team work by each group.


Elliot - I really liked where we acted our some of Constable’s life because it was fun and we are learning atthe same time. 


Bingley Group

After returning from East Bergholt, we stopped to enjoy our lunch. Everyone had made their own lunch this morning so everyone ate everything they had made. 


Following on from this, we went out the front of the Mill and looked at Constable’s Hay Wain painting. We discussed what may have changed in the time since he painted it. 

Next, it was time for cake break! We could choose from either a slice of fruit cake or a biscuit and had a top up of drinks too. 

Once we were refuelled, we went on a treasure hunt around Flatford. We had to solve clues in order to gain a prop. After collecting all our props, we worked in small groups to practise our plays that represent Constable’s life.

Ennion Group

In the second half of the afternoon, Ennion group went for their walk into East Bergholt. 

We visited East Bergholt church and went exploring in the footsteps of John Constable, including the site of where he grew up, the grave of his parents and also the grave of Willy Lott.


Jake - when we looked around and tried to find the most Constable’s in east bergholt. We found 7! 

Tonight we had spaghetti and meatballs followed by sticky toffee pudding. As you can see, it was well received! 

I jumped aboard a pirate’s ship and the captain said to me…’s campfire time!

We all wrapped up warm and headed down for our campfire at 18:45. Luckily, it rained whilst we were getting ready but had virtually stopped by the time we were ready to walk down. We sung a few ‘repeat after me’ songs, tested our riddle solving skills and enjoyed a hot chocolate (with marshmallows and cream for those who wanted it). 

Do you know the answers to any of these riddles? Answers will be below the photos and videos.

1. What comes up but never comes down? 

2. What’s wet but never dries?

3. What’s red, black and white?

4. If a red house has red bricks, a blue house has blue bricks and an orange house has orange bricks. What colour bricks does a green house have?

5. What stays in one place but travels the world?

6. What has keys but no locks, space but no room, you can escape it but not enter it?

7. What is black then white, black then white, black then white?

Sing and dance

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Sing along

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Sing along

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Sing along

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Riddle answers

1. Your age

2. A sponge 

3. a newspaper (read)

4. Glass 

5. stamp

6. keyboard 

7. zebra rolling down a hill