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Spring 1

Welcome to the Spring term!


This week we have been learning all about multiplication, Lost and Found stories, The UK and Florence Nightingale.


Today we have been learning about the structure of bridges and we used a range of resources to make a variety of bridges. Most the children used the beam structure technique.



This week Otters have been developing their football skills further by kicking the ball into the goal. We have had a lot of fun!

Tuesday 25th January 


This week the children have been using evidence to make simple observations about the past. They were given some ingredients and asked to make inferences about how Mary Seacole would have used them in the Crimea. They also had some guesses as to what each ingredient was. Here are some photographs of them exploring. 


Friday 4th February


Today we built our bridges. The children recapped their learning about the different types of joins that they learnt last week and then set out to build the bridge they had designed in their sketch books. Everyone had a great afternoon while consolidating their new DT skills. Some of us built beam bridges, some of us built suspension bridges and some of us built truss bridges with the use of  L-brace joins, flange joins and slot joins.

Take a look at our wonderful creations.