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English - Role Play

The children worked collaboratively to create freeze frames from the traditional tale - Little Red Riding Hood. Each child took it in turns to act as the director and give their friends instructions on how to stand or act.


The children have had great fun exploring different areas of Purple Mash as part of our Computing Curriculum. We have been focusing on exploring 2Sequence which allows the children to experiment with different sounds and adding these to an existing tune.

World Book Day

The children were very proud to show off their wonderful World Book Day costumes and their favourite stories. We discussed lots of these stories as a class and why they were special to us.

Florence Nightingale Day

We had lots of fun learning about Florence Nightingale. In the morning, we helped prepare for a trip to Scutari hospital and made diaries, medals to sell, pill boxes and candle holder. After break we had to problem solve by looking suitcases which didn't have a label and try to find their owners. We worked out the owner by looking for clues in the contents. In the afternoon, we had different jobs around the hospital. Some were nurses, wounded soldiers, cleaners and cooks. 

Practical Maths


The children have been using Base 10 to practically manipulate numbers to support their understanding of place value.

English Role Play


The children have worked together in small groups to role play sections from the story 'The Arctic Adventure', which we have been focusing on in class. 

Forest School


The children have had a wonderful time exploring the woodland area so far this term. They have created conker friends, wooden name plaques and had a go at making pretend 'apple juice' using the apples that had fallen from trees.