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Twilight Walk

Tonight, both groups ventured out on their twilight walks. We used our senses at various stages of the walk to see what we could discover. 
First, we stopped to listen to what was around us. We heard birds, insects, sheep, planes and twigs cracking. We tried to increase our ability to hear by cupping our ears. 
Next, we pretended we were animals in the dark. We took it in turns being blindfolded and walked around an obstacle course. 
Finally, we tried to heighten our sense of smell by wetting our noses (like cats and dogs have) before sniffing a mysterious scent. 

  • Nancy - I really loved going under the net and the tyres to jump over

  • Mia - it was great teamwork as Nancy held my hand to start with and then I did it by myself

  • Clyde - it was really good fun. My favourite part was the tyres. 

Bingley’s Twilight Walk

Ennion’s Twilight Walk and setting their mammal traps

Small Mammal Trapping
We learnt the difference between mice, voles and shrews. Can you tell the difference between the three?

Both groups set traps for their small mammals tonight. Check back tomorrow to see if we were lucky enough to catch anything. 

Can you tell the difference between the 3 pictures?

Ennion Group


Our first activity was pond dipping! We had an amazing time sweeping through the water to see what we could find. 

  • Pond dipping was amazing- we caught frog spawn! Poppie
  • I loved pond dipping because I loved standing in the water and seeing the creatures that we caught. Lottie
  • I loved seeing all of the animals that we caught pond dipping. Eloise
  • I like seeing our creatures up close using the microscopes. Katy
  • I liked walking through the countryside. Archie
  • I collected pine cones, leaves and flowers on my journey stick as we walked. Joseph
  • The insect is hairy!!! Artur looking at his pond creature through the microscope

Bingley Group


Our first afternoon activity was Disappearing Animals. We began by trying to spot the hidden animals in pictures and learning how they camouflage. 
Then we went outside and matched up animals with their predator, footprint and habitat. 
After this, we went hunting…for insects. 
Using a sweep net, we rummaged through plants to see what we could find and then used a diamond-shaped net, which acted as a high ‘floor’ to catch bugs falling from trees. 
After carefully putting our creatures in a pot, we then used a key to identify the species. 

  • Alexia - I really liked going on the walk and putting the plants on our stick. 
  • Tegan - I liked settling into our rooms and making our beds. I think they are really nice and cosy. 
  • Finley - I enjoyed finding the bugs under the logs. I caught beetles, different flies and woodlouse. 
  • Frankie - I enjoyed when we were catching the bugs in the forest and also when we found the footprints in the mud. 
  • Antonio - I liked the walk. I also liked catching bugs and exploring nature. 

Sticky elbows! Learning to cross the road safely as a large group

We’ve arrived safely in Flatford. 

We’ve learnt how to use a compass and navigated the countryside. You can see a map of part of our route in the pictures below. 
We have just eaten our lunch in the field and are about to meet our tutors before heading to our rooms. 

And we’re off!