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Whilst it is the final day for those already at Flatford, the adventure is just about to begin for the other half of the year group. 

At Flatford, we had an early start. By 08:45, we had all stripped our beds, finished packing away the last few bits into our cases (although we still have a couple of odd socks if anyone is missing some), wheeled the cases to the spare room ready for the coach, made our lunches, eaten our breakfasts and were sat in our classrooms ready for the last activity: pond dipping.

The second half of the year group ready to head to Flatford

Here is everyone who stayed at Valley Farm

Here is everyone who was staying in The Mill

Pond dipping. We split into two groups and had a go at pond dipping. To start with, it appeared like we weren’t finding many creatures but once we emptied the contents of our nets into the trays, we realised there were lots of creatures there!

Guess Who?

One of the activities this morning was to form the shape of various vertebrates and invertebrates using only our bodies. Can you work out which creature we are forming in each picture?

It’s 10:45 and the other group have just arrived whilst we are finishing off our pond dipping. Lots of beaming faces :-)


After getting off the coach, the first activity for group 2 was to navigate their way around Flatford using only a set of instructions and a compass. 

During our walk, we found lots of signs of MRS GREN (7 characteristics of living things). Jake was definitely one of our orienteering experts today!

Some photos from the orienteering activity

After the second half got back from their orienteering, the whole of Year 5 sat together for some down time and a spot of lunch. Then it was time for the first group to collect their cases and head home

Task number 1: make the beds


This group of boys on the top floor impressed us with their bed making skills. They quickly got their fitted sheets and pillow cases on and then showed great team work to fit their duvets. 

Bingley Group

Our next activity was ‘disappearing animals’. In the classroom, we learnt about how some animals camouflage themselves for protection and why they might be at risk of extinction. We played a game of ‘Threat’ (similar to Bulldog) and learnt how different animals are under threat by human actions. 


To help us better understand the habitats animals live in, we went on a big hunt. Using nets, brushes and spoons, we went on a hunt through the trees and bushes to see what we could find. 

We also learnt how to track animals from their footprints and poo! Jude, Finley, Ilana and Jaylee were brave enough to complete the smell test and put their nose close to it to decide whether it smelt like digestive biscuits (rabbit poo), sweet (squirrel poo) or no distinct smell (deer poo). 

Josh E - we had lots of fun and I liked exploring and finding insects
Kian - it was fun but creepy looking at the mini beasts we found. We caught spiders, woodlouse and millipedes. 

Ennion Group

Ennion headed off in a different direction after lunch. They tried their hand at pond dipping where they were trying to identify different invertebrates like water snails, Mae fly nymphs, water mites and larvae. 

Nieve - we found three invertebrates…and a stick!

Max - we caught a worm (a leech)

Bingley and Ennion Group

Our next activity was trapping animals. We learnt the difference between a mouse, vole and shrew. Then it was time to set our traps. Sam and Alex (our Flatford tutors) showed us how to set up our traps and shared the best places to hide them: trap facing into the bushes, not near the edge and away from large puddles of water. 

Walking to the island and preparing our traps - fingers crossed we catch something


Dinner tonight was sausage, mash and veg followed by a delicious chocolate cake, which was very popular!











Twilight Walk

After dinner, we wrapped up in warm clothing and then headed out for our twilight walk. During this walk, we had to use our senses to identify what we could see, hear and smell. 

Harrison - it was fun exploring Flatford. My favourite part was the twilight walk as you had to test your senses. We had to listen carefully to our steps so we didn’t scare any animals. 


Jasper - my favourite part was the twilight walk because it was good using my senses. Touch was really good as we had to walk around a rope course blindfolded and guide our partner. 


Layla- although the twilight walk was muddy, we saw lots of animals!

Holly - on the twilight walk, we had so much fun, but the blindfolded part was a bit scary!

Elodie - mammal trapping was such fun! I think the food we put in was gross, but hopefully it will attract a mammal!



After an excellent first day, the children went from asking, ‘When is dinner?’ to, ‘When is it bed time? My legs ache.’ 

They all had a bit of time to relax in their rooms before they got changed into their PJs, brushed their teeth and then settled down for the night.