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Bounce circuit

Welcome to White Courts Sensory Circuit named by the children as ‘Bounce’


‘Bounce’ is motor skills programme which takes place each morning in the school hall. The activities are designed to help improve brain processing efficiency, enabling the children to refine and refocus their concentration in readiness for the day ahead. It is also a fun!


“It gets me ready to learn.”

“It wakes me up.”

“Gets me going for the day ahead.”

“Makes me concentrate more”




The equipment is laid out in three sections starting with alerting activities. These aim to provide vestibular stimulation, preparing the brain for availability for learning and for the demands for the school environment. These activities include: bouncing on a trampoline, skipping, running, jumping Jacks, hopscotch, hoop-la, step ups, spinning etc.


“My favourite part is the trampoline because I like to jump high.”


Step ups

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This section includes activities that require multi-sensory processing and balance. The children need to organise their body, plan their approach and do more than one thing at a time in a set order. Activities such as climbing, hopping, balancing, looking and throwing into a target hone skills that may increase a child’s focus, attention span and performance in class.


“I like balancing on the beam because it is fun.”


Balance beam

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Feet get in on the act!

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Commando crawl

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Balance - this is not as easy as you think!

Calming section


The calming activities provide input to ensure that the child leaves the sensory circuit and returns to class in a calm and centred way, ready to learn. Activities such as press ups – on a wall/ground, push and pull – wheelbarrow, plank, wall-bar hanging, ball squash, weighted blanket etc.


“I like all the activities.”


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Relaxing under a weighted blanket

Our parents have also noticed a difference in their children since they started attending 'Bounce'


“He has been telling me how much he looks forward to it and his overall attitude seems more positive.”

“It gives him time to adjust to the school day.”

“She appears much happier and confident in her work at school and happier at school.”

“Sensory circuit gives him a focus and something that he looks forward to. It is beginning to develop a positive mind-set.”

Parents join their children in a ‘Bounce’ session