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Modern Foreign Languages

Below is the Intent, Implementation and Impact of French and White Court.



Our chosen language at White Court School is French. Our aim is to provide children in Early Years, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 with opportunities to explore the French language, and introduce more formal learning in Key Stage 2. Children will be provided with opportunities to communicate through both spoken and written language, and for practical purposes. Each year group will cover topics to steer their learning towards a final piece of work which displays their knowledge acquired during the year, as well as builds on knowledge from previous years. Children will be challenged and supported as appropriate to their age and ability so that all pupils make good progress. MFL teaching will lay the foundations to learn further languages (at KS3 and beyond) and enable them to travel to, study and work in other countries. In the summer term, we intend to host a whole school themed day to celebrate French culture and deepen the children’s understanding of the world.



In order for staff to feel confident with teaching French, we are providing access to resources and websites which offer support for teaching the spoken language and grammatical features of the written language. We also call on the expertise of a native French speaker within our school staff to provide specialist subject knowledge and run an extra-curricular French club. Resources are also shared on the school website to provide all pupil groups with equal access to the curriculum both in school and at home. There is a range of age appropriate, topic-based resources across the school to aid teaching and learning. A clear progression document has been developed through liaising with staff to ensure leaders have a good understanding of the National Curriculum and what is being taught across the school. This will continue to be monitored through staff and pupil feedback and lesson drop-ins, and adapted to ensure effective coverage and a clear reflection of the learning that is taking place. Progression of learning can be seen in topic books, through the final pieces of work produced at the end of each year and on the French display. MMEs are completed termly and are analysed to inform future planning and close any learning gaps.



Through strategic and focused planning, our children will have the opportunity to acquire and retain knowledge, whilst building on existing skills. All of this can be showcased each year in a final piece of work, giving a real purpose to their learning. Children will leave White Court with the confidence to engage in simple conversations and will have an awareness of the language needed in a variety of situations. By offering a multi-sensory approach to learning French, all children at White Court school will leave with a better intercultural understanding in preparation for the next stage of their education and adult lives.