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Our Art project this term is based on 'Land and City Scapes'. Artists don’t just work in studios – instead they get out into the world and draw and paint from life, inspired by the land and city scapes where they live. Pupils will see how artists use their creative freedom to explore ways of working which involve different materials and media. Using the theme for inspiration, pupils will extend and adapt existing sketchbooks so that they can make drawings/paintings at different scales and ratios. They are enabled to take creative risks, explore and experiment with media of their choice. 


Linked to our Year 5 trip to Flatford, we will also be learning about the famous landscape artist John Constable. He also worked in a variety of media such as sketches, watercolours and oils. 

John Constable - The Way I See The World

Watch as Jim Carter narrates extracts from the letters of John Constable. The artists explains the inspirations for his works including 'The Lock', one of the small group of monumental landscapes known as his 'Six Footers'.