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06:35 Morning all! A 7:15 breakfast awaits, followed by a full on day of activities. 

A settled night, the first one is always the worst as they are so excited! 

07:38 Anyone would think you don't feed your children... 

Fuelling up for the day

8:42 Everyone has had a shower, although I can't speak for the staff! 
First activity begins at 9:15. All raring to go. 

9:45 Here cones the rain. Not a problem because everyone absolutely knows where their waterproofs are...!

Group 8

Group 9

Group 10

Group 11

Group 12

Lunch time.

12:57 A fantastic choice of food available. 

The rain has stopped and the sun is trying to make an appearance but struggling. Hasn't dampened our spirits at all! 

Group 8 now in the sun!

Group 9

Group 10

Group 11

Group 12

18:47 Another mealtime over with.  I can now see why I'm not a children's party organiser. 

The postcards have been written and should be posted tomorrow. Some will arrive before the children are back, some will arrive after they are back and some will never see the light of day again. But I can assure you they were all posted at exactly the same time. 

21:35 A hilarious scrapheap challenge fashion show tonight. Everyone was in tears of laughter. The pictures didn't come out well because it was dark but here is a little taster. 

Judges in good form too!

Lovely sunset here