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Max B wanted to show his Early Years teachers his cornflowers he planted on week one of lockdown - he is very proud! (3/7/2020)
You should be very proud Max!  Super nurturing and growing...the cornflowers are very pretty!
Camilla today loved watching Mrs Ranger-Green’s video and writing her favourite moments at Nursery 😊 (29/06/2020)

Lorcan has painted some stones to add to the Notley snake.  He has been enjoying the water sprinkler and going on adventures to different places like Danbury Lakes (22/06/2020)

Lorcan has been cycling lots and jumping on the trampoline to burn energy. He has completed activity sheets with letters, numbers and matching opposites and halves.


We have been reading some books such as 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' and 'I can Trick a Tiger'. 


Lorcan has been helping in the garden watering the plants and planting some flowers. Like his sister, he has his own strawberry plant that has some strawberries on it, they are green still so he is waiting patiently. Lorcan has been having fun with his water gun and paddling pool.  


We have had lots of art work too, blowing paint through straws, hand prints, making paper aeroplanes and playing with Play-Doh. We had some challenges too - making a social distancing hat and a singing competition. (01/06/2020)

Jasper had a lovely birthday, he had lots of balloons, treats and dinosaur presents. He enjoyed having his family call him and sing happy birthday.

Elsie has made an amazing pretzel. It looks delicious I hope you enjoyed it Elsie? (16/05/2020)

Oliver H made a bug hotel out of a plastic bottle and collected lots of leaves and twigs to put in it. (16/05/2020)
Jamie's super spider drawing! (11/05/2020)

Jasper has made a 2D shape pizza, he listened really well to his mum during this activity and was able to identify the different shapes mostly on his own. He even knew a semi-circle!  Well done Jasper a super shape pizza!

He is missing his friends but is playing really nicely with his sister (27/04/2020)

You have been very busy Luca, thank you for sharing pictures of some of the things that you have been doing (27/04/2020)

Jasper has enjoyed spending time in his garden feeding his rabbit, doing lots of puzzles and spending lots of time completing his pirate sticker book as well as some baking.  Looks like you are having lots of fun Jasper! (27/04/2020)

Oliver has been practising his number sequencing by using his cars to put numbers 1-10 in order.  Well done Oliver! (27/04/2020)

Evelyn has learnt how to write her own name and wanted to share it with us! Her Mum asked her if she wanted to learn how to write Mummy, she said she wanted to learn how to write Mrs Hounsell. (27/04/2020)

Well done Evelyn that is super writing!

Elsie has been playing schools at home with her sisters, she has taken part in daily Maths and Literacy session and working really hard on her writing skills! She wrote a letter to a friend of her Mummy who works in a hospital sometimes tracing over the sounds she was unsure of.  Elsie has been on animal hunts around the house and used her counting skills to see how many legs each animal had. She has been playing really nicely with her sisters. (27/04/2020)

You have been really busy Elsie and we are very proud that you are developing your writing skills at home

Libby has been busy making her pizza like The little Red Hen (makes pizza) book (20/04/2020)


Well done Libby you have made a super shape pizza plate!

Oscar and Rory made a Gingerbread house just before Easter!

That looks amazing boys! I hope you managed to eat it all with your family?

Thank you for sharing the things that you have been doing...