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Year 6 Leavers' Activities 2021

Here is the link to the Leavers' video. This is the only way to access it, searching on YouTube will not work. Enjoy!

Monday 28th June: Harry Potter Studio Virtual Tour 

Today, we had an online virtual studio tour.  To begin with, the children had the chance to show off their impressive knowledge of Harry Potter, with the teachers racing to type in their class' answers first. Then we were shown a variety of costumes, props, sketches, creatures, special and visual effects. 


Fact: did you know that Voldemort's cloak contained 7 different shades of green to represent the 7 horcruxes!

Fact: Hagrid was played by a former rugby player, called Martin Bayfield.  He was nearly 6ft 9 tall!


Friday 2nd July: Rounders tournament and Forest School 


Today was our Outdoor Learning Day.  We began the day with a House rounders tournament.  The winners were Rowling!


Here are some photos from the tournament.



In the afternoon, we spent time in the Forest School area.  Here, we learnt how to tie a variety of knots, had a campfire whilst enjoying a hot chocolate and singing campfire songs and then went on a nature treasure hunt.


Monday 5th July: cinema, bowling, soft play and clip & climb

On Monday, we had an adventure packed day. We began by watching Tom and Jerry: The Movie at Cineworld, in Freeport. This was a great film and the cinema was filled with laughter throughout. We were lucky enough to have a whole screen to ourselves so we could spread out and sit with our friends.  We also enjoyed a treat of popcorn, sweets and a drink during the film.

After the cinema, we went across to Namco where our fun-filled day continued.  We had three activities to complete: bowling, soft play and clip n climb. For bowling, we had chosen who was going to be in our lane before we arrived so when we got there, the lanes were already set for us to begin.  The bowling alley turned it into a competition and recorded our scores to see who could get the most points.  The winners of the bowling were 


Here are some photos from the day:


Whilst half of us bowled, the rest of us had time to play in the soft play and have a go at the clip n climb. In the soft play, there were many games of ‘It’ being played as well as racing round to see who could complete the circuit first. Racing down the blue slide was a favourite along with the tiered spider web; it was definitely harder climbing up the web than falling down it!  For the wall climbing, there was another competition.  We could practise climbing up any of the walls but the central one had a timer on it, which was started when you began your climb. There were some incredibly fast times that were recorded – the quickest being an impressive 24 seconds, which was quicker than the teachers! The winners of the climbing competition were 


Here are some photos from the day:

Bin bag fashion show

Today we had a bin bag fashion show.  The children were presented with their materials (bin bags and paper) and then told that they had to design and make an award-winning outfit out of these resources.  They got to work quickly, working out which cut to use to best fit their model and what accessories would work well with it.  Once all the outfits were completed, it was time for the fashion show. 

Each model took to the cat-walk to show off their outfit before pausing to pose at the end.  Mr Pryke was invited along to decide on the 6 semi-finalists and then Mrs Burrell joined us to pick an overall winner after watching them all take to the cat-walk one final time. 

Here is a photo of each entry.  I think you'll agree that all the designs are amazing!


Here are the 6 finalists:


And the winning group, featuring the model and design team:

Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th July: Parent Events

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy writing and rehearsing our performance poetry pieces.  To begin with, we got into groups and then wrote down as many memories as we could think of from our time at White Court.  We realised that we have had so many great times over the last 7 years here that we couldn’t include them all! Therefore, we chose the ones which meant the most to us and then decided how we would present them.  Some of us chose poems, others chose a dance, some groups decided to sing or rap and others added actions.  We also learnt the words to our Leavers’ Song: Before We Go, which reflects on our time at White Court and how we are ready to start our next journey at secondary school.

All 3 classes performed brilliantly and made many of the parents proud and shed a tear or two. 

Click on the class links below for videos of each performance. 


Note: apologies for the delay in putting these videos up - the file size is too large so we are working on compressing them so they can all be uploaded. 

Wednesday 15th July: Chessington


On Wednesday 14th July, we had to be at school by 07:15! Even though this was an early start, it was worth it as it meant we got to spend longer at Chessington World of Adventures. We got into groups based on what type of rides we enjoyed and then prioritised our favourites first. The most popular rides of the day were Dragon’s Fury and The Vampire. Here is a picture of one of the groups about to go on to the Vampire ride and then their mid-action shot!


Thursday 15th July: inflatable and water fight day


Today we arrived at school to find bouncy castles set up on the field.  We spent part of our rotation in the morning playing on them with just our class and then in the afternoon, we went on them as a year group.



After spending some time playing on the inflatables during the afternoon, it was time for our water fight: 87 children vs 6 adults...or so it felt!



Water Fight

Still image for this video

Friday 16th July: final day

We began the day with our TOPS Time celebration.  The children chose to take part in either a range of art activities or a dodgeball tournament.  Here are some photos from the morning.



After break, the children had the chance to do the traditional shirt signing. 


At the end of the day, we watched our Leavers' video, which has all of our 'first day at school' photos on it and the backing is us singing our Leavers' song: Before We Go.  Here is the link to the private YouTube channel for you to watch it on: