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World Book Day

Our AMAZING costumes!

We have really enjoyed world book day!


To start the day we looked at each others costumes and completed a sheet all about the word we chose. We had to decide if our word was an adjective verb or noun, then we had to write a definition and use it in a sentence. 


After that we played a game using dice. Each number on the dice represented a set of pictures which we then turned into a front cover and creative writing story. 


Lastly we played some games with words such as taboo alongside some Dr Seuss colouring.


I enjoyed playing taboo because I liked guessing the words. - Sonny


My favorite thing about world book day is that we all get to be in costumes, and use a word to describe it. I enjoyed creative writing because you  can write about what the dice says. I like the game taboo because it is like you are solving a mystery. - Mia


I enjoy world book day because we get to share lots and lots of stories to read. I enjoyed dressing up in costumes. - Jessica

I enjoyed Dr Seuss colouring because I like colouring. I also enjoyed taboo because it was fun becuase you had to guess and I love guessing! - Bella


Our creative writing storys

Books that were featured today