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What's going on at White Court?

Guess the teacher...

Here are the answers…

  1. Miss Lomas
  2. Mrs Collins
  3. Mr Pruce
  4. Mrs Hounsell
  5. Mrs Shambrook
  6. Mrs Rolfe-Adams
  7. Mrs Scrivener
  8. Mrs Evans
  9. Mrs Burrell
  10. Miss Swan
  11. Miss Hughes
  12. Miss Stead
  13. Mrs Stock
  14. Mrs Ball
  15. Mrs Sawtell
  16. Miss Castleman
  17. Miss Ly
  18. Mrs Greely
  19. Mrs Truman
  20. Mrs Rodriguez
  21. Miss Duhig
  22. Mr Hopgood
  23. Mrs Goodwin
  24. Miss Drury
  25. Mrs Smithson
  26. Mrs Rolfe-Adams
  27. Mr Tinker
  28. Mrs Baker
  29. Mrs Skinner

Is this the way to Amarillo

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White Court School Vocabulary Parade for World Book Day

The children, and staff, dressed up for World Book Day today with an emphasis on vocabulary. We were so impressed by their costumes and the thought that went into their words! Can you use the words in a sentence? Year 6 wrote stories with theirs!!!

FOWC donate £10000 to the school for IT equipment!

We were delighted to receive a donation of £10000 from the FOWC to allow us to purchase computers for the children. A huge thanks to the team for all their hard work in achieving this amazing sum and thanks to all our families for supporting the events! See what our children had to say about it...


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What’s been going on a White Court this week?

Foundation Stage have been celebrating Chinese New Year by creating their own Chinese dragons. They were very lucky on Wednesday and had a food delivery to enjoy some tasty Chinese food!


Year 3 have been exploring their topic on the Stone Age, they even created caves for them to immerse themselves when creating their own cave paintings!


Year 1 have been exploring the moon landing and finding out about the astronaut Neil Armstrong.


Our vocabulary lessons have been teaching the children a range of new words, chat to the children about their meanings and even challenge eachother to use them in a sentence.


Foundation Stage have been using a range of apparatus to make numbers to 10, there are lots of games to play to help them master the skill of number bonds. Try the bbc children's page.


Year 6 have been investigating significant historical events and looking at where they fit on a timeline.


Year 2 have been trying their own willow patterns and writing some fabulous Chinese dragon stories while listening to some amazing Chinese music. Watch the videos to find out more...


Key stage 2 clubs started this week, we have football club, mystery club, golden mile walking club, Lego club, sketching club, creative writing club, ICT club, cooking club, cross country club, film club, green fingers club, choir and cheerleading club!! The children really enjoy taking part in these clubs run by the teachers.

Chinese dragon stories

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The children in Year 2 were using Chinese music to inspire their creative writing...

Chinese New Year and biscuits!