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Week 3

  • Click on this link: have might want to spend a bit of time looking at: meet the tutors, Year 6 transition information, watch the video from the head, and watch the video of the tour of the school.
  • Transition Activity: Look at the copy of an example timetable. Put up questions from the PowerPoints, children to answer then go through together.
  • Transition Activity: Look at the problem solving- scenarios PP and talk about them and then look at some of the other ones in the PDF and chat about those too (you don’t need to do them all, perhaps ask the children to choose the ones that they are most worried about).
  • Transition Activity: Talk about how the children will be getting to school. What time will they need to get up? Leave? What route? Who with? Etc Watch video on: and play game together
  • Transition Activity: Click Link:  Watch Video 1 and 4 and discuss – talk about worries and solutions around bullying.
  • Transition Activity: Complete ‘social story’ new secondary school booklet.

Book Extracts 

Whilst in school, the other children will be listening to and discussing book extracts in order to introduce new literature and spark an interest in different genres and authors that they may want to read over the summer. Below you will find readings from us (the teachers), a picture of the front cover of the book and if possible a link to where you may be able to purchase the book if your children want to read the whole text. 

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. (Dr Seuss)