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Week 1

Friday 24th April


Good afternoon everyone.

What another lovely day full of sunshine it has been.


Today, for lunch, Poppy and I made pizza.


Your challenge is.....

What equivalent fractions does this pizza represent? 


This afternoon, after teaching Poppy this morning, I have been busy making a powerpoint for your English learning for next week. It has taken me a good 3 hours so i really hope it is useful for you. It is for you, the children, to follow when completing your work. Try your best to work independently like you would in school only asking for help if you need it.


Ellie - your baby picture was hard to guess at first but then your eyes gave it away.

I am now going to go and enjoy some sunshine before the day is over.

Enjoy your weekend! Stay safe. Miss you all!

Mrs Cullen

Thursday 23rd April


What a glorious day it has been today. I saw the forecast yesterday and knew i would want to spend some time in the garden so i got up nice and early and completed some of my jobs i had to do so i could get outside in the garden.


After lunch, as a family, we spent the afternoon in the garden playing in the paddling pool. We have been so lucky with the weather so far and i am so grateful for that. The sun smiling is making all of this a little easier.


It was lovely to talk to some more of you today i love that you are having family time and  doing your best with your learning! I tried a few of you yesterday and today with no avail so will try again tomorrow.


We done to those of you who have sent me some work today, your flower labeling is beautiful Jake and Freddie! I loved your effort with your learning Ashley and your cupcakes looked very tasty Genevieve. 


The answers to the quiz....

1. Dots


3. Monsters Inc

4. Inside out

5. Monkey but he does turn into an elephant!

6. Belle, Elsa, snow white

7. Sleeping beauty

8. Thumped

9. Alice in wonderland

11. Seven dwarfs

12. Red

13. Lotso

14. All cats

15. Lion king

16 cp30 Luke Skywalker 

17. Captain America

Well done to those of you who took part!


Enjoy a good night sleep and i will speak to you again tomorrow

Keep smiling, Mrs Cullen

Wednesday 22nd April

Another good evening 3C. What a beautiful day full of sunshine it has been!

I hope you are all staying positive and giving your minds active with some of the work we are setting you. I find, making a todo list is always helpful.

I started calling some of you yesterday and continued today. I will be continuing to make calls to you this week, so if you have not heard from me yet, it will not be long! 

I loved hearing everything you have been up to at home and on your walks and especially those of you making your parents very proud! This in turn makes me very proud of you to!


I have been working away today on planning for next week and replying to numerous emails from school. Poppy and I have been learning about adding money and giving change as well as writing to Little Red Riding Hood and practicing our times tables! We went on a walk and made some words out of nature! 

The best part of my day was the cotton ball challenge!

How many did you get? 


The answer to my reading challenge from yesterday is:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Well done to Ashley for guessing the right answer first! 


Here is a challenge for you today is a Disney quiz. (document below)


Answers revealed tomorrow. Who will score the most?

Hope you all have a great day and I will speak to you tomorrow!

Tuesday 21st April

Still image for this video

Monday 20th April


Well what a busy day I have had today!

I started it with a nice cup of tea out in my garden listening to the birds sing  having a cuddle with Ralphy while the rest of the family still slept.

The morning was filled with planning and home learning with Poppy. After lunch I had a staff meeting with all the teachers on a Zoom meeting where we talked about our plans for the Summer term.

We then had some down time where we built a den, did some painting and made a cheesecake (our arms hurt a lot after all the mixing!)

I hope you enjoyed learning the Roman song - I know it always makes me laugh! It was lovely to see Ellie's lift the flap poster on Twitter...make sure to send me some of yours too!

Enjoy the rest of your day 

Missing you all

Mrs Cullen