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6 July 2020

Nursery Bubble 2 were back in the classroom for two more days of fun this week.


On Thursday the children made a sun picture using a doily and yellow paint, strips of yellow card for sunrays, gummed paper for cheeks, sticky eyes and a drawn on smiley face.  Everyone focused well on the activity and each and every sun looked fantastic when finished.  We are hoping they will help the sun to make an appearance for a while laugh  There was more fun outside with bikes and scooters and mark making opportunities with water and paint brushes.  We had another chance to practise our initial letter sounds with Scrap and an activity to match sounds to images....this week it was l,b,f,y and j


On Friday we were extra busy as we were in a party mood, celebrating our last day in Nursery.  The children decorated a cupcake with icing and sprinkles, then they made a party hat and, deciding that the hats looked like crowns, they would all be Kings!  Then there was an particularly special treat as we watched a Spitfire aeroplane as it flew across the skies above the school.  After a delicious lunch we had some more fun outside with bubbles and lots of running around before coming back into the classroom for a party.  The children had lots of fun with balloons on ribbons as they danced to music (managing to social distance as they did so!), a game of sleeping lions and a story finished off our last afternoon.


Mrs Still and I have had a wonderful time being back in Nursery with our bubble and are looking forward to seeing the rest of the children at the Teddy Bears Picnic and Games on the Field events organised by the Foundation Stage team next week.

29 June 2020

On Thursday and Friday this week Mrs Still and I welcomed another bubble of Nursery children back in school.  It was a delight to see their smiley faces as they came back into our classroom after such a long time away.  The children took all of the strange changes in the classroom in their stride and enjoyed being back with their friends.


This week we made a paper plate dinosaur as well as a alien paint print.   We also practised some initial sounds by matching the sound to a picture and used our whiteboards and pens to form some numbers.  Mrs Still and I were very impressed by the progress the children have made whilst they have been learning at home.


We had some time outside where the children rode on their own designated bike or scooter, drew with chalk, made marks with water and paint brushes and blew bubbles.


Mrs Still and I were very happy to be back with some of our Nursery children and thought they were all superstars.  We are looking forward to seeing our Bubble 2 children again this week for more fun.


Mrs Ranger-Green and Mrs Still



22 June 2020

Another busy week of fun activities this week!

We have made under the sea paper plate scenes and Cheerio starfish.  Using our sound knowledge we matched the initial sound to the object, we also did some number work counting the different fish, colouring them in and writing the correct number next to the relevant creature


When outside we had our own bike or scooter (that when used it was cleaned and put away in the shed till next week yes)  We also had our own pot of bubbles - they went very high, almost to the moon!  We did some more chalking and used a paint brush and water to paint around the outside area.


Although our classroom does not look the same, we are still having lots of fun, singing songs and reading stories as well as taking part in Cosmic Yoga and doing Dough Disco with our pot of play dough.


All the Nursery staff miss you all and hope that we are able to see you before you start the next stage of your learning journey into Foundation Stage in September.


Mrs Hounsell and Mrs Burley

15 June 2020

This week Mrs Burley and I have been into Nursery with some of the children


We have had lots of fun, doing craft activities, Cosmic Kids yoga, exploring the nature area and playing games in our outside area.


We are very proud of the children who came in.  They have stayed at their play station, building with Lego, making models with Play Dough and creating fun craft activities as well.  There has been lots of regular hand washing and they have been absolute superstars!  So well done to all of those children.


So that the rest of you can see some of the things that we have been doing, I will put some photographs on the website each week.


All the Nursery staff hope that we will be able to see you before you start the next stage of your learning journey into Foundation Stage in September.


Mrs Hounsell and Mrs Burley