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Wednesday 8th July


Today my car broke down.  Luckily we hadn't gone anywhere it just wouldn't start.  I'd promised Natasha that we would go into Chelmsford and she could spend some of her pocket money so we biked in.  She spent her pocket money on some little toys and we got fit at the same time!

When we picked up Martha from school she wanted to paint my face using the face paints she won at bingo last week.

I started off as a unicorn but then I think she got a bit carried away!

This was my attempt at a unicorn for Martha, I was quite proud of it, although I think the horn looks a little bit like a rainbow poo!  Email me on Purple Mash to let me know what you think!


Also, if you haven't sent us a picture of yourself for our class photo, please do so.  We will be sorting it this weekend.

Take care of yourselves.

Love Miss Smithson x x