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Wednesday 3rd March

Please see below for a list of activities you can try for the afternoon on No Screen Wednesday (3rd March)


Book character model - Make a book character using objects from home, it could be using vegetables or you could dress up a teddy bear! Think of things you could use that give big clues as to who the character is.  Show your designs in a class Meet Thursday and see if they can guess who they are!  (See sheet below).


Redesign the front cover - Redesign the front cover to one of your books.

Can you make a design that would make people want to buy it if they saw it in a shop? Try to match the design of the cover to the genre of the book.

Share your designs in the class Meet on Thursday. (See sheet below).


Story Jar Quiz - Collect some items from a story and put them in a jar or pot. Can your classmates work out what book they are from?  If you don’t have the real objects, you could draw a jar with the objects inside it. (See sheet below).


Book review – complete a book review using one of the 4 templates below.


Book scavenger hunt - Can you find each of the objects in a book? Which book is it? How many times is it mentioned? 


Book Quiz - Design a quiz about a book. Write down 10 questions about a single book.  Find out how well your class mates know that book! Or try the story description quiz below!


DEAR - Drop Everything And Read.  Find a book at home, it may be one you have read or it may belong to someone else (ask permission!) and read for at least 20 minutes.

"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island!" Walt Disney