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Wednesday 29th April


I hope that you're all having a good week so far. Over the last couple of days, myself and Miss Smithson have been busy phoning all of the children in our class, to have a little catch up with you all and hear what you've been up to. It's been lovely to speak to some of you, and hear about all of the fun and interesting things that you've been doing. Layla's den that she'd built sounded great and I'm really looking forward to finding out how Lexie's Parma violet cakes turned out - she was in the middle of baking them when I called! Daniel also sounded like he'd been extremely busy. Not only had he been learning how to rollerskate in his kitchen, but he had also been busy making lots of things on his sewing machine, as well as leaving a beautifully decorated stone outside of our school. 

You'll be pleased to know that my pet grooming kit FINALLY arrived, so I've been able to give my dog Olive a well-needed trim. The poor thing could barely see because her fur had grown so long. She's used to having regular visits to the dog groomers, but is unable to visit them at the moment, so had to put up with me doing it instead! frown I must admit that I wasn't great at it, but I tried my best and Olive was very patient with me. (I haven't quite finished yet - I still need to finish trimming her face, but thought I'd give her a little break before I carry on) smiley

Here are some before and after pictures...


                       BEFORE                                                    AFTER



This afternoon I also had a staff meeting with the teachers from school. We've been busy staying in touch online via Zoom, and have regular meetings each week to talk what we've been doing and discuss any jobs that we need to do. All of the teachers have been extremely busy and we've all been really enjoying seeing and hearing about all of the fantastic work and learning that you've all been doing at home. Lots of you have been able to post photos and videos on the school Twitter page too, which has been great! 



I'm taking part in a family quiz on Saturday, and one of my sisters has given us all the task of carving or decorating a vegetable (of our choice), to make it look like a celebrity for everyone else to guess! frown Any suggestions and very welcome! smiley I will try to post a picture of my final masterpiece later on in the week for you to see!


Speak to you soon,


Miss Swan x