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Task 1: You will be writing a letter to your future self (you at the end of Year 6) using the following format: 

Dear me,


Para 1 – Greeting to future self

Para 2 – What are you looking forward to?

Para 3 – What are your worries?

Para 4 – What do you hope to get better at?


Good luck message for secondary school


From me


Make notes under each heading to act as a plan. 


Task 2: Read the example one the Year 6 teachers wrote (you might want to 'Magpie' some ideas) 

Task 3: Write the letter to yourself 

Task 4: Edit and improve your letter, you can check: spellings, punctuation, capital letters, tenses, sentence starters, boring words 

Task 5: Copy up your letter in your neatest joined handwriting 

Task 6: Decorate and keep somewhere safe - we will need them in September!