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P.E - Cricket - Overarm Bowling


In today’s session you will be learning how to perform an overarm cricket bowl. The techniques to do this are as follows:


1. hold the ball with 2 fingers on top and your thumb at the bottom;

2. hold the ball at your chin,

3. stand sideways to the batter and lean back

4. pull your non-bowling arm up, and make a figure of 6 with your bowling arm, keeping it straight; release
the ball at 1 o’clock, brushing your ear with your arm;

5. follow through, finishing with your bowling arm pointing at the batter.


You can also view these techniques on the attachment and also on the video below. 


Practice these technique by bowling at a target. To start with try to aim and hit the target before moving onto bowling the ball so that it bounces just in front of the batter. You can do this with a partner by aiming just before their feet so that the ball bounces up for them to catch it. 


Cool-Down: Today, perform different stretches to help cool down the muscles of the body. Perform a range of low-energy moves and stretches, such as a gentle jog, high-knee skipping, calf stretches, hamstring stretches etc.

Learn How To Bowl - Cricket Bowling Drills

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Home Challenge 

Today, we would like you to play a board game with your family members. In your Home Learning Book or piece of paper, write down which board game you played and a brief paragraph about how it went. Who won? Who was most competitive? Were there any funny moments? How would you rate the game? Etc


Play any MyMaths Games


Take part in the Joe Wicks Morning Workout