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Say Thank You Competition (different from the Banner one)

To say a big thank you and give yourself the opportunity of taking part in a competition, you need to get creative and make a piece of artwork, drawing, painting, a card, a poem, a video, a dance, a collage to say 'Thank You'. Think about the jobs within the NHS and how they have helped you, or may help you in the future. Perhaps you know of someone, a friend or family member, who has been helped by the NHS recently.

There are also a range of prizes for winners. The Competition website if you would like more information or for your parents:


You can watch the video for more information.

All online applications must be made by 19th June so please complete and send by the end of May.

Once you have completed your Thank You, email it to us at the Home Learning email address ( and your teacher will send your application in online.