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Adding decimals is easy when you keep your work neat

To add decimals, follow these steps:

  • Write down the numbers, one under the other, with the decimal points lined up
  • Add in zeros so the numbers have the same length.
  • Then add using column addition, remembering to put the decimal point in the answer.

Example: Add 1.452 to 1.3

Line the decimals up:     1.452
    + 1.3
Add zeros in:     1.452
    + 1.300
Add:     1.452
    + 1.300

That's all there is to it - just remember to line up the decimals, add in any zeros, then add normally.


Home Challenge

  • Write down 5 questions you would like to ask an older relative or friend of the family.
  • Ring/Face Time them and ask them these 5 questions.
  • Write down their replies in your book.
  • How did the phone call make you feel; how do you think the phone call made them feel?


Play any MyMaths Games


Take part in the Joe Wicks Morning Workout

P.E - Cricket Catching

This week we are building on last week's catching lesson. Today we would like you to practice your catching by using the Catching Challenge cards. You can also try to complete Mr Hopgood's 200 Catch Challenge.


Technique Reminders

Low catching - Keep you hands and fingers pointing down, keep your eye on the ball at all time and cushion the ball as it goes into your hands.


High catching - Keep your head still, hands out wide with your palms facing up, keep you eye on the ball and cushion the ball as it goes into your hands.

Mr Hopgood's 200 Catching Challenge

Low handed catch x20

High handed catch x20

Catch and clap x20

One handed catch (strong hand) x20

One handed catch (weak hand) x20

Catching while on your knees x20

Catching with a partner or throwing and catching against a wall x40

Catching with a partner or throwing and catching against a wall one handed x40