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Wednesday 20th May


What a beautiful day! I'm sat out in my garden whilst writing this diary entry, enjoying the last of the sunshine! This morning, I went and did my grandma's shopping and dropped it round to her. I also did some cleaning and some jobs for her. She was keen for me to wash all of her curtains, so today was the perfect day to do it. They dried on the washing line in no time! smileyWhen I got home, I looked at my poor dog Olive, and decided it was time for her to have another haircut! I could barely see her eyes under all of the fur! 



She's definitely missing not being able to go to the dog groomers. I'm no where near as good as the lady that normally grooms her for me, but I gave it a go. She sat very patiently and let me cut her fur for her. I think she was probably relieved to finally feel a bit lighter. Hopefully she'll be a bit cooler now. She's definitely looking a lot smaller without so much fur! 



Still image for this video

Here is the final result...


It's not perfect, but definitely an improvement from before! I hope that you all have a lovely week!

Speak to you soon,


Miss Swan x