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Wednesday 1st April



How are you all getting on?  It's very weird not seeing you all, I hope you're keeping yourselves entertained.  I've been trying to help my girls do their home learning - it's much harder than teaching you lot!  We've also been keeping busy with walks, bike rides and today we made an obstacle course in the garden.  I got stuck in the tunnel when it was my go!  We also made sticky toffee pudding which I've never made before, it was delicious.  After lunch today, I had an online meeting with Miss Swan, Mrs Collins and Mr Tinker, it was grate to see their faces but I do miss seeing them at school. 


Please let me know what you've been up to.  You can email Mrs Burrell at and she will forward your email to us or ask an adult to put it on Twitter: @Class4s_WC.  


Leo, is was brilliant to see your story and I LOVED your TOPS time activity!  Dexter, your Anglo Saxon clothes were brilliant and Poppy, it was lovely to see your dog helping you with your work!


There is a fronted adverbial and a spelling mistake in this message, can you spot them?


Enjoy yourselves

Miss Smithson x 

Our meeting