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Today you will be recapping Roman Numerals. Once you have gone through the lesson using the link below, complete the homework page. You will find the task on your portal. Remember you can have as many attempts as you would like.



Choose one of the images in the document below. There are three different levels of difficulty so choose one that will be a little tricky!


If you need help, you can always use the document from Monday's work to refer to.


You do not need to use a printer for the task. If you wish, you can draw the image in your book using a ruler for straight lines and taking a whole page to ensure you have enough space. Another option is to simply write the words in your book and select the correct colour to identify its word class.


There are answers to check your work at the end.

Science – Time Peake

Get someone in your family to complete the quiz that you created yesterday. Let them read through the PowerPoint first. Record their score in your book so we can see how they do!