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Wednesday 10th June


How are you all? 

I've just been for a lovely long walk in the rain.  I've got wet hair and wet feet but it was great to get out and get some fresh air. 






What have you been doing on these miserable days?  We also played Monopoly and baked some cupcakes as its my mum's birthday on Saturday and we are going to take them over to her and sit in the garden to celebrate! (I'm hoping the weather is going to be better!).

It's been great to speak to some of you this week and hear how you're getting on.  I think lots of us are really missing school (who would have thought we'd miss it so much!) I know I am.  I'm going in every Thursday to teach the KS2 keyworker children which is great and I love being back at work but I do miss you lot, our crazy, fun class and your super, smiling faces.laugh

I hear that you've all heard who your teacher is going to be next year!  Mrs Rolfe Adams is brilliant and you will have such a great year with her.  Obviously, she's not quite as amazing as me and Miss Swan but she's the next best thing!  I've already told her how lucky she is to have you all!

Make sure you keep looking after yourselves and your family.

Love Miss Smithson x x