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w/c 4/5/20

Weekly timetable with optional extras 






Other activities you can do:


  • Picture Processor – angel city
  • Spelling Game
  • Reading Comp
  • ‘Algebraic thinking’ online lesson
  • MyMaths Task


  • Indoor P.E.
  • Outdoor (if possible) P.E. – Triple Jump
  • French – Purple Mash activity (weather)
  • My Maths ‘Games’
  • Sumdog Maths games
  • Do some colouring-in and listen to calming music at the same time
  • Go on some virtual tours to different countries online


  • Pobble Picture – Professor Plum
  • Spelling Game
  • Reading Comp
  • Sequencing’ online lesson
  • MyMaths Task
  • Science – Animal Classification
  • Art – NHS Banner Competition
  • My Maths ‘Games’
  • Google Yoga workouts for children and try some
  • Make up your own classification key and choose animals to classify


  • Balanced argument: should zoos be banned?
  • Substitution’ online lesson
  • MyMaths Task
  • Geography – Natural Disasters 
  • Imagine your natural disaster has just happened in your home town, create a news report and film yourself as if you were a news reporter. Get your family involved and interview them on camera.
  • Go on some zoo virtual tours to see how the animals are doing


  • GPS Task: sentence types
  • Spelling Game
  • Reading Comp
  • Rules and Formulae’ or ‘Factorising linear’ (yr 7) online lesson
  • MyMaths Task
  • VE Day Preparations
  • My Maths ‘Games’
  • Sumdog Maths games
  • Try some more VE Day activities from the main Home Learning page