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w/c 20/4/20

Hi Year 4,


We hope you have all had a good couple of weeks and have been busy doing lots of interesting things. We are looking forward to hearing and seeing what you have done. Over the week, we will be phoning to say hello and have a quick chat. Remember you can get your adults to email the Home Learning email or tweet what you have been doing on Twitter.

Look out for our daily diary updates, on the Class pages, to see what we have been doing.


As we are now in the Summer Term, we will be starting some new topics, such as Rainforests, Extreme Earth and Living Things and their Habitats. Each week, we will upload a weekly timetable so you can see what we are going to be setting over the week. More information for each day will be uploaded, alongside any resources which you might need. Remember you can complete the activities over more than one day and try to spend some time during the day being active, being creative and having some quiet time too!


We miss you all,

Mrs Collins, Mr Tinker, Miss Swan and Miss Smithson

Word of the Day

In the Autumn and Spring term, we looked at different words each day. The idea of this is to increase the amount of words we know and extend the vocabulary that we use. Each week, we will set five words for you to explore (see PDF below). Remember to find out the definition and then complete a short activity related to it.

You can complete more activities using the words, such as writing them in sentences, drawing a picture related to the word, finding synonyms and antonyms, using the letters to create new words, thinking about the root word e.g. happiness = root word is happy or making your own puzzles and word searches with the words.


This Week


This week there are some key events in the calendar. You may like to research about the events or complete an activity related to them. Can you think of any other important dates happening this week or over the next couple of weeks?


Tuesday 21st April - Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday

Thursday 23rd April - St George's Day

Thursday 23rd April - It would have been Shakespeare's birthday

Thursday 23rd April - Ramadan begins


Some additional activities can be found on Twinkl.