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w/c 15/6/20

Hello Year 6, 

Just a note to say that phone calls will become less frequent over the next few weeks so please contact us via Purple Mash e-mails if you have any questions, want to send us some of your home learning or just want to say hello. 

Thank you and miss you lots 

Year 6 Team   

Timetable for the week with extra optional activities






Other activities you can do:


  • Picture Processor – kitten
  • Spelling Game
  • Reading Comp
  • Revision PDF
  • Indoor P.E.
  • Outdoor (if possible) P.E.
  • French – Purple Mash activity
  • My Maths ‘Games’
  • Sumdog Maths games
  • Use Purple Mash’s French site to create your own ‘French Dictionary’ ready to use at secondary school
  • Make a poster about one of the endangered animals in order to raise awareness – put it up in your window


  • Pobble Picture – dancing couple
  • Spelling Game
  • Reading Comp
  • Revision PDF


  • Science – Fun Investigations
  • There are lots of fun Science activities to try on the website mentioned in the overview
  • Create your own Science experiments (ask adult permission first)


  • Free Write Wednesday
  • Reading pie charts’
  • MyMaths Task
  • D.T. – Cake/Biscuit Analysis
  • Draw pictures to go along with your chosen writing
  • Design and make your own cakes/biscuits to add to the star analysis


  • GPS Task: consolidation – punctuation and sentences & clauses
  • Spelling Game
  • Reading Comp
  • ‘Misleading graphs’ online lesson
  • MyMaths Task
  • Indoor P.E.
  • Outdoor (if possible) P.E.
  • P.S.H.E.
  • Go on to and play some of the quizzes
  • MyMaths / Purple Mash Games
  • Send your teacher an E-Mail on Purple Mash 


  • Edit/improve your task from Wednesday
  • Diary Entry
  • Spelling Game
  • Reading Comp
  • ‘Mean and Mode’ (Yr 6) and/or ‘Median and Range’ (Yr 7 challenge) online lesson
  • MyMaths Task
  • Sumdog Games
  • Home Challenge
  • Choose a family member/friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and call them or FaceTime them to say hello
  • Make your own trailer for the film you watched