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W/B 27.04.20


Dear FSH, 


It was so lovely to speak to you today,I really enjoyed hearing all about you fantastic home learning. It was also brilliant to see how much more confident you are becoming at speaking on the phone! Well done you. If you haven't heard from me yet, I will be ringing again next week. 


I got the loveliest surprise from all if you today, it really made me smile and even brought a tear to my eye! I miss you all so much and seeing all your smiling faces made me feel much better. Thank you so much for doing that. 


I have added the video on here for those who haven't seen it yet. Have a fantastic weekend!




Miss Hughes xxx

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Dear FSH, 


Today I went for a walk in the rain. It started off only lightly raining so I thought this would be fine. Then it started chucking it down and I got absolutely soaked! Did anyone else mistime their walk today or was it just silly me? Ah well, I embraced the rain and had lots of fun jumping in muddy puddles. 


Have a look at my photos and videos below! Hope you all had a lovely day. 


P.s. It's Friday tomorrow, yay!!! 


Miss Hughes 




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Dear FSH, 


I hope you have had another fab day today! I managed to speak to a few of you and will be carrying on calling you tomorrow and Friday so listen out for your mummies and daddies phones. I had a video call with all the other teachers today, it was nice to see their faces and catch up with what they have been doing. I made toad in the hole for my dinner today, it was the first time I have made my own Yorkshire pudding (it looked like a boat) I was very proud of the result, it tasted yummy too! Have you made anything new recently? 


Miss Hughes xxx


Dear FSH, 


Well today has made a slight change from all the sunshine! I hope you have managed to get outside and stomp in some muddy puddles. I managed to time my walk today so that I got to go and jump in the puddles but in between the rainy downpours. Did you pick the right time or did you get soaked? I would love to see your pictures out in the rain. Have you set yourself a new challenge for this week? I haven't, I'm not sure what to do. If you have any ideas of what I can do as a challenge then let me know on Twitter @MissHughes_FSH and I will give it my best go! 


I am missing all of your faces and I hope it won't be much longer until we are back in school. I will be calling you again this week so it might be a nice idea to write down some things you would like to tell me about on the phone. I am excited to hear all of your voices  again and find out what you have been up to. 


Miss Hughes xxx


Dear FSH, 


I hope you had a fantastic weekend and managed to get outside to enjoy what seems to be the last of the sunshine for a while! I spent my weekend catching up on some TV and I started reading a new book. I also managed to complete my goal of 10,000 steps a day, which is 70,000 steps in a week (I have attached a photo of my steps). Did you manage to complete your challenges? I received a lovely baby photo of Harrison this week, did anyone else send in their baby photos? If so, I look forward to seeing them. This weeks learning is all about farms, don't forget to keep sharing you brilliant learning with me on Twitter @MissHughes_FSH it is so lovely to see what you are all up to. 


Have an excellent week and keep being superstars for your mummies and daddies!


Love Miss Hughes xxx