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W/B 20.04.20


Dear FSH, 


What a fantastic week you have had! Happy Friday. It has been so lovely to see you getting involved with all the home learning topics and creating some brilliant fire engines, police cars, Obb and Bobs as well as counting teeth. I hope you have a lovely weekend with your families. I am going to do some reading this weekend and carry on with my puzzle. Hopefully it won't be too tricky but I will give it a good go. It is really important to perserve when you find something difficult, even adults have to. I only have two days left now to get to 10,000 steps a day, how many steps will that be in a week? I will let you know how I got on on Monday. 


Have a lovely weekend. 


Miss Hughes xxx 


Dear FSH,


I am please to say I have been able to get some more of my puzzle done today. I have managed to do all of the flags for the countries of the world (I have put a picture at the bottom of the page). There are 210 flags on my map! Now it is going to get really tricky as I will be starting the map, which has a lot of blue. Can you name the country we live in? How many countries can you name? I also started a maths course yesterday which will help me learn all about bar modelling. Have you learnt anything new this week? I'm still on track to complete my challenge of 10,000 steps a day this week, you have to do quite a bit of walking to get there, it has been trickier than I thought but I am persevering. 


I can't believe it is Friday tomorrow already! Make sure you finish off your week with a fantastic Friday for your mummies and daddies. 


Miss Hughes xxx



Dear FSH, 


I have had a very busy day today completing online courses, doing some bits and pieces for Mrs Burrell and even got to speak to a few of you today! It is so lovely to hear your voices and find out about what you have been doing. We also had a whole school staff video chat today, it was really nice to see all of their faces. Have you tried a video chat yet? You could even call a friend from school to see how they are. So far I have been managing to meet my goal of 10,000 steps a day. I've got four more days to go. Wish me luck! It has been really funny seeing your guesses for the baby photo competition. Keep on guessing and see how many you can get. 


Have another fantastic day tomorrow! 


Miss Hughes xxx


Dear FSH, 


I am so impressed to see your fantastic firefighter photos from yesterday. It looks like you all enjoyed being a firefighter for the day and came up with lots of clever ways to put out your fires! I hope you have enjoyed todays learning too. I have been very busy today, doing lots of bits and pieces for school and uploading the rest of your home learning for the week. I have also started my new puzzle and am enjoying working out where each pieces goes. As well as that I had a nice chat with the rest of the Foundation Stage team today and it was lovely to see what they have been up to. Then I went for a nice long walk in the sunshine, we are trying to do a different walk each week and explore more of the local area.


I have set myself the challenge of doing 10,000 steps every day this week! Have you set yourself any challenges? I would love to hear about them. 


Have a great day tomorrow. 


Miss Hughes xxx 


Dear FSH, 


I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter break and have managed to enjoy being out in the beautiful sunshine! I have been going for some lovely long walks each day and have been enjoying the fresh air. I also managed to complete my Jurassic World puzzle (I have added a picture at the bottom of the page for you to see it). Did you try any challenges? I have also completed an online course all about children and their mummies and daddies. I have been trying to learn lots of new things! I really enjoy seeing what you are up to on Twitter so please keep sharing your learning. I have a new puzzle to do now, it is a portrait of the Earth. I will keep you updated with my progress, I have only done the edges so far. Today we had a video meeting with all the other teachers, it was lovely to see and talk to them. Have you been keeping in contact with your friends and family? 


Keep up the fantastic work and make sure you listen to your mummies and daddies!


Love Miss Hughes