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W/B 18.05.20


Dear FSH, 


I hope you have had another fab week. You have been creating some amazing treasure maps and making some pizzas with the Little Red Hen, it has been lovely to see your work on Twitter. Thank you to Evie for sending me a great picture of you doing your treasure map. It looks like so much fun! I hope you all managed to find some treasure. 


I spent the day in school yesterday. We started the day by doing some colouring and then we went outside to play football and on the bikes. We then cam back in for a snack and did some origami, the children made frogs, butterflies and Lego men out of paper. It was so much fun. Then it was time to do some home learning so we went into the computer suite. I was so hungry after that because I really had to use my brain to help some children with their angles of triangles which I haven't done very long time! Thankfully after that it was lunchtime, we had fish fingers, chips and peas for lunch, delicious and victoria sponge cake for pudding. Then in the afternoon we spent some more time outside, we played rounders, football rounders and dodgeball. I was exhausted by the end of the day so we put a nice film on called The Rescuers Down Under and had some watermelon and grapes to cool down. I had such a lovely time and it was so nice to see some of the children. What a busy day we had!


On my way out of the school I stopped to look at all your fantastic pictures on the fence, it really made me smile to see so many of your drawings. You have all worked so hard at home this half term and I am really proud of every single one you! 


Have a fantastic half term and a well earned break. Make sure you let your mummies and daddies have a break too! Hopefully I will see you soon.


Love Miss Hughes xxx


P.s I have attached the answers to the chocolate quiz. 


Dear FSH, 


I had a slightly different day yesterday. I went to work with my boyfriend, he is a landscape garden designer. He designs gardens for people and then builds them for them. I had to help him measure the garden as it was too tricky for him to do by himself, this is called surveying. I had to hold a giant measuring stick which he used to work out all the angles and distances in the garden. It was very clever, I didn't really understand how it worked. I had to make sure I held the stick level so we got an accurate reading. This mean't I had to make sure the bubble was in the black circle - look at my pictures below. It was quite tiring holding the level still all morning, I had to go all around the house and garden. We took over 600 measurements! We also had to measure all the buildings so when the garden is drawn it is all the right size. I had to hold the end of the tape measure and write down the measurements. 


It was really fun to go a learn something new. Have you learnt anything new this week? It was a long time to be out in the sunshine and quite a tricky job. I think I'll stick to teaching for now! 


Have a lovely rest of the week and make sure you have lots of suncream on! 


Love Miss Hughes xxx


Dear FSH, 


I hope you have had a lovely weekend and have spent some time out in the beautiful sunshine. I went for a very long walk on Friday, it took us two hours! It was over 10,000 steps on its own. Have yo done any walks this week? I am still trying to get 10,000 steps a day. So far so good, apart from my lazy Sunday last week, I didn't even managed 4,000 steps. 


I have a challenge for you FSH, can you name all these chocolate bars? Some are quite tricky so you will need mummies and daddies to help you. I managed to get 6 of them. See if you can beat me. Photo is attached below. I will post the answers on Friday. 


I also received a lovely gift in the post this week from Mrs Burrell, I have added a picture so you can see what I got. Have you sent any gifts to your friends? You could send them a letter, make them a cake or cookie and cycle it round or just simply give them a call to let them know you miss them. I am sure it will make them smile. 


Have another brilliant week FSH, I am missing you lots and lots. I can't wait until we are all together again!


Love Miss Hughes xxx