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Tuesday 21st April


I hope you all had a lovely Easter and ate way too much chocolate like me!

We had a great Easter egg hunt in the garden but my girls were sad that they couldn't share the fun with their friends.

We have started back with home schooling but Martha told me that her real school is much more fun than home school!  We have also made a chalk challenge outside our house which involves running, hopping, skipping, jumping, spinning, hopscotch, star jumps and jumping along the alphabet.  Have any of you seen similar things near your houses?  We have also played lots of games on the trampoline like how many silly jumps can you do?


Martha took this photo!

Thank you Orla for sending us the photo of your gingerbread house.  It looked too good to eat!  Do let us know what you've been up to over the holidays, we miss you and miss hearing about what you've been up to.  Have you learnt any new skills?  My girls have learnt to hang the washing out and put their plates in the dishwasher.   You can email Mrs Burrell at and she will forward your email to us or ask an adult to put it on Twitter: @Class4s_WC.  

Enjoy your time at home and take care of yourselves and your family.

Miss Smithson x x