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Tuesday 12th May


It's been really nice chatting to some of you this week and hearing about all of the fun things that you've been doing. Isabel's mud kitchen sounds amazing and Emily sounded like she had a great adventure with her Mum when they went out for a walk and ended up walking 11 miles! Very impressive! Dexter enjoyed a lovely VE celebration with his family and baked some delicious treats and Poppy has been busy baking too. You all sound like you've been extremely busy, as well as working hard and completing school work too which is great! 

I had a busy weekend this weekend. I'm really into 'upcyling' (which is basically when you try and transform something old or unwanted, to reuse it or improve it). I've upcycled lots of furniture in my house and it's something that I enjoy doing. I've had a cabinet sitting in my shed for a while that I've been desperate to upcyle, so thought I'd have a go at it this weekend. I sanded it down and re-painted it, then replaced the handles. What do you think? 


BEFORE...                                                                                                                                       AFTER


Have you ever upcycled anything before? If not, why not give it a go? smiley

I also decided to tidy up my driveway. It was starting to look a bit messy as there were lots of weeds growing. I had to do lots of digging to remove all of the weeds and then re-planted some nice new plants.


BEFORE...                                                                                                                                          AFTER

Have you managed to do anything that you don't normally have time for? It's been lovely to tick some things off of my to-do list! smiley


This afternoon I did some baking and made some delicious scones. The scones I like to make are really easy to make, and only need 3 ingredients....

Lemonade, self-raising flour and cream!


Maybe you could have a go at making some too? If you do, let me know how you get on! 

I look forward to chatting to some more of you later on in the week.


Speak soon,


Miss Swan x