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Zoom Calls


Please make sure your child's name is clear before entering the Zoom meeting. We will only be able to add names we recognise to the meeting.


You can change it in the following way:


  • Click participants button at the top of the zoom window.
  • Hover your mouse over your name in the participants list on the right side of the zoom window and click rename.
  • Enter the name you would like and click ok.


Thank you - Foundation


Dear Foundation, 


This week will be your last week doing Home Learning in Foundation before you speak to your new teachers and complete some exciting activities with them. They can't wait to get to know you! We have been telling them all about you. Although we will miss you lots, you are all so ready to fly the Foundation nest and become Year Ones. 


We have planned lots of fun things for you to do this week including a whole class zoom call so we can see each other! Please make sure you get the right time for your class.

Have a look at the timetable to see what we have planned. It would be so lovely if you could send us a photo of yourself in your uniform so we can create our class photographs. The teachers will be adding their photo too! It will create a wonderful memory of the great times we have shared throughout Foundation. We hope you have enjoyed having fun at home and can't wait to see you all in September for a final goodbye. 


We all want you to know how fantastic you have been this year. You have all got so big that you are now ready for your journey into Year One. Please make sure you come back to see us! We can't wait to hear about your next adventure! We know you will all be absolutely amazing in Year 1 and cannot wait to hear about all the lovely things your are going to be doing. We are all so proud of all the hard work you have completed this year both in school and at home.


Have a fantastic summer holiday and make lots of wonderful memories. Enjoy being little!


Love the Foundation Team, 


Mrs Skinner, Miss Duhig and Miss Hughes xxx