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Transition Activities 13.7.20


Create a poster about your class animal. Research some facts about the animal which will be for your class. Think about what they look like, where they live in the wild, what they eat and any special characteristics that they have. Present your information in any way you like.  There are lots of different ways to present your research, have a look below to see which you prefer and make a class animal fact sheet! 

I used these websites to gather my information and feel they are safe for you to use too if you would like to:


Monday - Class animal fact file

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Lift the flap poster.mp4

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Chameleon –


Create a piece of art work based on chameleons! I know lots of you are very artistic, and even if you are not, you might find something you might wish to recreate from the slideshow of images below. It can be colouring in a picture, yesterday's step by step drawing, painting on rocks, painting a chameleon, baking, collaging, making one out of leaves and sticks, mosaics, so much more! We can't wait to see your fabulous creations! 


I Am an Amazing Person

Think about all the things that make you an amazing person and someone who is special in your class. What makes you a good friend? What are you good at? Why are you a good classmate? What do you do if you are faced with a problem? Complete the sheet or create your own poster. Add pictures and your own shapes, if you would like to. On a separate piece of paper draw something you are proud of, or you could take photo.


Today, we would like you to produce an expectations sheet.

Draw around both hands or draw an outline of two hands. Put your name on one palm and your teacher’s name on another.

On the first hand – write something that you expect of yourself on each finger. E.g. to try your best, to listen carefully, to be kind, to say please and thank you etc.

On the other hand – write something that you expect of your teacher on each finger. E.g. to listen, to plan fun lessons, to support you, to help you etc.