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Timestables testing

Each week, we test timestables knowledge.

We do this by calling out "3 times your number," and the children - who all should know what timestables they are on, write just the answer in their books. We do them out of order and use different terminology for 'multiply.'


For example:

4 multiplied by your number

7 times your number

the product of 12 and your number

6 multiplied by your number


all mean times.


We give 6 seconds for each question from the second we stop asking the question, then we move on.

If they miss any out, we do not repeat it.


As we include 0 times their number, we then do a total out of 13.


Here is the order of timestables they should learn in:

2, 5, 10; 3, 4, 8; 6, 9, 12, 7, 11. 


After they have finished learning all their timestables, we move them onto mixed tables where they fill in a grid.