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Thursday 23rd April


How are you are all?  I'm missing you all so much.  I miss hearing all your news and what you've been up to.  

Today we've been enjoying the sunshine.  This morning I did bootcamp via Zoom, Miss Castleman was doing it too and it was lovely to see her on the screen. It was hard work but exercising helps to keep me fit and happy.

After that we made a den on the trampoline with sheets and blankets, the girls then took  their dolls and home schooled them in their new classroom, they also had their lunch in their den.   

We went for a bike ride this afternoon and rode along the river, we saw ducks, lots of birds and quite a few insects that were buzzing around our heads, I think they like the beautiful weather too!

Emily, thank you for sending us your collective noun work and pictures of your amazing painted stones. I think I spotted Squashy the pumpkin in the bottom right hand corner, am I right?  I love that a group of hedgehogs is called a prickle and a group of rhinos is a crash!  If any of you could make a up a new collective noun for a group of Year 4 children, what would you call it?

Keep enjoying the sunshine and remember to send us any news or pictures, we love seeing what you've been up to.

Miss Smithson x