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Online Safety – personal identities 

Task 1: On a piece of paper, draw yourself and make a list of the things that define who you are/help identify you.  E.g. your likes, dislikes, favourite things, school, family, friends, hair colour, eye colour etc. 

Task 2: Create a ‘Who am I?’ about yourself.  Write down 7-10 clues that help identify who you are.  Keep your clues safe in your folder as we can use them for a game in September.

E.G. I am 10 years old.  I live in Great Notley.  I have a sister called Leanne and a brother called Tom.  My favourite colour is yellow.  I go swimming every Thursday evening at Braintree swimming pool. My favourite animal is a tiger.  My favourite food is steak and chips.  My middle name is Jane. I go to the skate park every Wednesday after school.
Who am I?

Task 3: After creating your ‘Who am I?’ think about what information you have shared.  Would you feel comfortable sharing all of that information with a stranger? Colour code your clues as to what you feel is OK to share with a stranger and what you would only share with a friend you know and trust in real life.

Task 4: Create an avatar that you could use for online sites. Look at the pdf below for more information


Task 5: We often make judgements based on what we can see.  Create a second avatar using the 'Avatar Adjustments pdf.' Compare your 2 avatars.  How could your changes alter someone's opinion about you online? E.g. how could having pink hair instead of brown or looking old compared to young change your opinion of the person it is about?