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Wishing Jar

Today we would like you to create a Wishing Jar. You can use an empty jar for this or use the templates if you don’t have a jar available. A wishing jar is where you put things you really want to do in the future and then once you have done them you can tick them off. As things are different at the mo and you have not been able to do things you normally would, we thought it would be nice for you to create a wish list of activities or experiences that you can do as lockdown eases. On strips of paper, write down a wish, for example, I would like to visit the zoo or I would like to have a sleep over with my friends.

Once you have written a wish you can then fold it up and put it in your jar. If you are using the template you can write this inside the jar template. Try and fill up your whole jar with as many wishes as you can think of and as we enter the Summer Holidays, see if you can tick your wishes off. Once you have ticked them off, leave them in your jar because we would like you to bring this in to school in September so we can see what you have been up to in the Summer Holidays. You can also decorate the jar to make it special! Look at the examples below to give yourself ideas.


We look forward to seeing your Wishing Jars in September.