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In Year 6 we love reading books, books and more books. So today we want you to take a big dive into your favourite book by completing some activities. Remember to bring it in with you in September so we can share our love of books. 

Task 1: Read our favourite quotes about reading, which one is your favourite and why? 

Task 2: Write a review of your favourite book using the template below

Task 3: Create a piece of art based on your favourite book - we have suggested some below 

Task 4: Complete as many of the reading activities in the pack below (you do NOT need to do the review as you have already done one)

Task 5: If there is a film version of your favourite book, plan a movie night over the summer watching it

Task 6: Have a look at the Summer Bingo Challenge below (print it out ready for the summer holidays - there will be prizes for rows and full houses so make sure you bring it back to school) 

Book art ideas