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Thursday 14th May


I hope you're having a lovely week so far! It's been great to chat to some more of you on the phone today, and see some of the amazing work you've been doing. Amelia, you're deforestation video was absolutely fantastic and George's Romero Britto inspired piece of art was very impressive! It's great to see all of the brilliant learning that you are doing at home with your families. smiley This morning I spent some time on the computer doing some work, and then had an online meeting and a catch up with the Year 4 teachers, which was nice. After the meeting, I decided to put my earphones in and go for a run. It was lovely to make the most the beautiful weather and lovely fresh air.


I was very hungry when I got home, so I cooked a yummy BBQ outside in my garden, and had toasted marshmallows for dessert! cheeky


I am now feeling extremely full, (I may have eaten too many marshmallows..oops!) so am going to go and watch some TV and have a nice relaxing evening! Am looking forward to phoning some more of you tomorrow. smiley Keep sharing all of your amazing work with us!


Speak to you soon,


Miss Swan x