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The Stone Age

Cave Paintings 


We have been learning about the cave paintings that originate in the prehistoric era. We have looked at the characteristics of cave paintings, discussed what the drawings show about the life of a prehistoric person and considered they different materials.


Miss Williamson then created a cave in our classroom that we could crawl in to paint our own cave painting!

Tuesday 21st January 2020

We have been learning about the different ways houses were made in the Palaeolithic , Mesolithic, and Neolithic periods during the Stone Age. 


Common materials to build with include wattle (woven wood), daub (mud and straw), stones and animal skins.


We considered the different materials we would be able to find in the wildlife area in our school to see if we could find the types of materials that would have been used to build a house in the Stone Age.


Then we worked out that we could used twigs and sticks for our houses, as well as mud and leaves. We figured the leaves would be the closet we could get to animal skins!


During the afternoon period, we went out into the wildlife area to create our houses. Amazingly, some were able to use the trees and shelter that were already there to support our structures. Whilst some of us used twigs and sticks as supporting beams to create the outside walls of our houses.


Overall we had a fantastic time exploring our outside area and thinking creatively. 




Our Stone Age Houses