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17.01.20 - The Starburst Rock Experiment


Today we have learnt how rocks are formed through the 'Starburst Rock Experiment'!


Fist we applied pressure to lots of different, small chunks of starbursts we called 'sediment'. Applying pressure to the sediments formed a sedimentary rock. Next we applied heat are pressure by squeezing the starburst in out hands for 2 minuets. This formed a metamorphic rock. Lastly we watched a video showing us what would happen to our starburst rock when placed under extreme heat. The starburst bubbled and turned into a liquid. Once it was taken off the heat and left to cool and harden the starburst rock became an igneous rock. We wrote our results down in our books and made predictions of what would happen to the rock at each stage based off of our knowledge of the different types of rocks.