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Rocks and Soils

This Spring term, we have been learning about different types of rocks and their formation. Can you remember what the 3 types of rocks we have been learning about? Take a look to refresh your memory! 
To help us understand rock formation, we consolidated our learning through the use of sweets! Can you now name the 3 rocks these sweet formations are trying to represent? 

We have been really lucky to have welcomed some visitors from Braintree museum who came to teach us all about Mary Anning and her involvement in the extraction of fossils; rocks and their properties and a dinosaur expedition! 


What was your favourite activity and why?!

Here are some photos of our day! 

Here are some of our reflections on this activity. 
Our next activity was investigating different properties of rocks. We have to measure them in cm, weigh them and find out how heavy they were, we scratched them with nails to see how hard or soft they were and the activity we enjoyed the most was dropping them in vinegar to test permeability. Take a look at our photos and reflections!
Our final activity of the day was fossil extractions from sand! We had to dig and dig for goods which we then sorted into 2 piles - fossils and non-fossil items. We then learned about what fossils told us about creatures from the past. Take a look at our learning!