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Remote Learning 9/11/20

Year 4 will be setting work each day on their Google Classroom page for the children to complete.

To access this, the children need to log onto their Google Classroom page (they had a lesson on this last week) and click on their class name.

Each teacher will be setting work under headings each day and, starting from tomorrow, your child will be invited to a virtual meeting first thing in the morning so they can ask questions and their teacher can go through each activity with them.

Our Year 4 Displays! 

Here are some of our shared displays that the children worked hard on at the start of the term. Every child made a 3D balloon and decorated it with their aims for the year. Once they had finished making them, we all had lots of fun posing for our photo to pretend we were holding the balloon and floating off into the air. 

We also enjoyed creating our class animal using lots of different techniques. Some children chose collage, others used pencils. We think they look fantastic and definitely brighten up our Year 4 shared area! 

Our Year 4 Displays

It was lovely too see so many of you at our Yak class zoom today. Mrs Shambrook and I had great fun meeting you and playing games. If you missed it, you can still join in the fun! Try to think of a name for our class yak. We will be choosing a name as a class once we’re back at school.

Another activity you could is drawing and colouring your own picture of a yak which you can bring into school in September if you’d like.

I can’t wait to see your Yak pictures! 

Miss Madden

Yak Class Zoom

Good morning Yaks! Mrs Wilson here... 

It was rather sunny in my garden yesterday so I managed to do some much needed gardening! Our green beans which we have been growing over the last few months have become so big that they are now taller than their support canes. I also noticed that our new snapdragons (a flower which Mrs Ryan gave me) are starting to bud which means hopefully they'll be in flower really soon. I think that it has a very cool name for a flower - have you heard of it before? Do you have flowers in your house or garden? 


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too. 

Mrs Wilson smiley


Don't forget that our Yak Zoom is tomorrow at 11.30 - we hope to see lots of you there! 

Our 'hello' zoom call will be on Tuesday 14th July at 11.30. Mrs Wilson and I hope to see you all.