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Remote Learning 9/11/20

Year 4 will be setting work each day on their Google Classroom page for the children to complete.

To access this, the children need to log onto their Google Classroom page (they had a lesson on this last week) and click on their class name.

Each teacher will be setting work under headings each day and, starting from tomorrow, your child will be invited to a virtual meeting first thing in the morning so they can ask questions and their teacher can go through each activity with them.

Our Year 4 Displays! 

Here are some of our shared displays that the children worked hard on at the start of the term. Every child made a 3D balloon and decorated it with their aims for the year. Once they had finished making them, we all had lots of fun posing for our photo to pretend we were holding the balloon and floating off into the air. 

We also enjoyed creating our class animal using lots of different techniques. Some children chose collage, others used pencils. We think they look fantastic and definitely brighten up our Year 4 shared area! 

Our Year 4 Displays

Hello Wombat Class!

We are really looking forward to meeting you and starting a fantastic year in Year 4.

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