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Mrs Skinner

Hello FSS!

How are you?smiley

Have you had a lovely weekend?

I have sent you all a message on Purple Mash. Please have a little log on and reply to me. It would be lovely to hear you are all ok and having a lovely week.

Speak to you soon, Mrs Skinner x x x 


Hello Foundation!


Sorry it has been a little while since I have written a diary entry I have been quite busy.


How are you all?


Are you having lots of fun?


Did I tell you that I had caterpillars? They are now butterflies! I am so excited to let them fly away to their friends.


Are you enjoying Tiddler?


Did you make up silly excuses?


I've put some games to play on our school website. Ask your Mummies to help you find the new parent section and you can join in too!


I miss you lots. Keep tweeting and e mailing work.


Hopefully see you all soon,


Mrs Skinner x x x x

Hello FSS!

I hope you all have had a lovely half term.

We are very lucky with all of this sunshine!

What have you been doing?

Today I have made a slide in my garden. It is very slippery! We put lots of bubbles on it and have been sliding along on a rubber ring!

Have you managed to look at the story Tiddler?

I have been making up silly excuses.

Sorry I am late for school- I bumped into the Queen and had had to help her find her pussy cat!

Sorry I am late for school- I saw a giant shark on the way to school and decided to feed him smelly fish!

Can you think of an excuse?

I will be making calls this week and next week.

I can't wait to speak to you.

Mrs Skinner x x x x 

Hello Foundation!


My new diary will be written here. You are welcome to look at the old one though!


Thank you so much for the wonderful video, it really made me smile. I love singing that song you you and have been dancing this afternoon!


I have been in the garden today, I have planted lots of new plants. My strawberries have started to grow now! Have you been growing anything?


I think the sun is continue to shine for the next few days and then it is going to turn frosty! Which weather do you prefer?


I can't wait to see you all.


Don't grow too much!


Mrs Skinner x x x



Hello Foundation,


If you look very carefully you may seem baby ducklings!


They are sooooo cute!


x x x 

Hello Foundation!


How are you today?


I have had a good day today.


I have played lots of games today, my favourite game was snap!


Tomorrow the ice cream man is coming to see me! Have you had any ice cream?


I can't wait to see you all.


Mrs Skinner

Hello Foundation!


How are you all?


I have had a busy day today. I have been planning for next week and sorting bits in my house. I have a new bathroom and Mr Skinner left mess everywhere! I have had to sort it all out!


I made a chocolate cake today. It was really scrummy! Once I made it I put chocolate buttons on the top.


I went to the park today to complete some exercise- it was very hard and now my legs ache.


Did I tell you I have got a scooter? When we come back to school we can all scoot together! I am getting quite quick but I don't like the bumps.


I tried to call lots of you today but I think you are far too busy having fun- which makes me very happy but if you had a missed call and would like another call, please do let me know. I will also try again.


I can't wait to see you all again. Please send pictures into school. It really does make my day and although I don't reply directly they all get passed on.


I miss you all,


Take care and see you soon!


Mrs Skinner x x x x x 



I thought I would show you some of the ducks in my house!

Quack Quack! x