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Mrs Scrivener's Diary

Monday 15th June

Hello 2S

I hope you are all ok and that you have had a lovely weekend.

I went to Maldon Prom, it was very busy so we didn't stay long.

Have you seen the photos and pictures of the Caterpillars? They are getting so big. I think they will start turning into chyrsalids soon.

Last week I was teaching one of the year 1 bubbles in our classroom. There is only 4 children and they are much quiter than you lot! 😂

If I haven't spoke to you on the phone check your emails on Purple Mash as I have emailed instead. 

I hope you have all been reading lots. If you have finished your reading books I emailed your parents a letter on Friday to explain how you can access more reading books. 

Speak to you soon.

Mrs Scrivener x


Monday 8th June

Hello 2S

I hope that you all had a good weekend.

I'm sure that you will have seen by now that next year you have Miss Ly as your teacher. She is soooo lovely and you will really enjoy having her as your teacher. The last 3 weeks of term we will do lots of work to prepare you for coming back to school when it is safe and there will be tasks to get to know your new teacher. I am moving to Year 1 which I am very excited about.

Have you seen the pictures of the delivery I had on Saturday? On the main year 2 page you will see my caterpillar diary. The 5 tiny, furry caterpillars are busy eating to get themselves ready to turn into butterflies. I will post a picture every day so you can see how they change.

Thank you to everyone who sent me their riddles. I am going to email you my answers on Purple Mash.

Jacob, Jaylee and Jessica you have all been working really hard at home, thank you for the pictures.

Speak to you soon

Mrs Scrivener x

Friday 5th June


Hello 2S

I hope that you have all had a lovely week.

Both me and Mrs Rodriguez have really enjoyed talking to you all this week, it sounds like you have all had a lovely half term. There are just a couple of you that I couldn't get through to so I have emailed you on Purple Mash. I know that some of your parents have gone back to work more which will make phone calls tricky, so with this in mind I will email you more now if I can't get through to you.  You can also email me if you have something that you want to tell me or ask me. Freddie has emailed me lots this week which has been great.

Thank you to Jaylee and Olivia who sent me videos of them performing the broccoli poem.  They were fabulous and really made me smile. Jaylee also sent me lots of picture of all the work she has been doing - well done.

Well done William for going onto SumDog. I have sent you some coins as a reward.

I went into school this week to tidy the classroom as our room is being used for the foundation stage and Year 1 children who are coming back next week. There is just tables in there now which is very strange and it really echoes.

Have a lovely weekend, fingers crossed it doesn't rain too much.

Mrs Scrivener

Monday 1st June


I hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

I had a lovely week. We mainly stayed at home but did go for a few walks. We walked around the nature reserve at Great Leighs, which was beautiful and there were so many dragonflies. I had to wait a while but I finally got a picture. We also walked around the park at Wakes Colne, I love it there as I am amazed by the viaduct. 

And guess what...I have finally built my Harry Potter Lego!!! I will post a picture below. 

I'm sure lots of you will be in need of a visit to the hair dresser or perhaps you have had a lockdown hair cut. Well I decided to dye my hair pink again! I think i did a good job, what do you think?

I will start my calls again tomorrow but as I am going to be going into school more you may get a phone call  from Mrs Rodriguez instead of me.

Keep sending me your work as I love seeing what you have been up to.

Mrs Scrivener x

Mrs Scrivener's holiday fun

Friday 22nd May

Hooray it's Friday and next week is half term!!!

Well hasn't it been a strange term. You have done 7 weeks of home learning and I am really, really proud of you all for taking this in your stride and doing your best. You may not have known but this week there was a thank a teacher day so I would like to thank you of you teachers/parents at home who are trying to teach/work/clean/look after little ones.  It really isn't easy, I 100% know how you feel but you are doing a fab job. Kids please make sure you are kind to your 'teachers' and say thank you to them.

So next week is half term. We will not be setting any work so enjoy the time relaxing.  Mrs Ball has uploaded some more lovely mindfulness activities for you to which will help you relax.

This week, I have enjoyed lots of phone calls with you all and loved hearing about everything you have been doing. If I haven't spoke to you yet I will call this afternoon.

Thank you Ilana for sending me a lovely photo of you on your trampoline, you look very happy.

Have a fabulous week and I will speak to you after half term.

Stay safe!

Mrs Scrivener x


Wednesday 20th May


I hope you have had a lovely day in this beautiful weather. I know a lot of you have been outside in your pools.

Jessica sent me lots of photos today of her work and also one of her class photo, it has made me really miss you all.  I have posted it below for you all to see.

I just wanted to remind you about the Sum Dog website as there are lots of great games on there to help you with Maths and spelling. I emailed your log in details on Purple Mash. Stanley and Freddie have been on there and love it. They have been earning coins and building their own garden on there. I have also found out today that I can give you coins as rewards as well.

Speak to you tomorrow.

Mrs Scrivener x


Monday 18th May

Still image for this video

Friday 15th May

Hi 2S

Can you believe we are at the end of another week!

Today is Lucy's birthday so I gave her a quick call, which she was very excited about. She is having a sleepover in her living room today which sounds fun.

I popped into school today to pick up some of your school books.  The classroom seems so empty and quiet without you all. 

It was lovely to see Harrison at school today, he seems to have grown a lot.  I bet some of you have grown too.

Talking of growing, I have post a picture of my sunflowers. How are yours doing?

I have also posted a picture of Freddie following Jaylee's recipe to make chocolate chip cupcakes, they are very tasty.  Can you see how we have set them out?

Have you had a chance to look at any of the wellbeing and mindfulness activities Mrs Ball and the teachers have set for you during Wellbeing May?  Have a look in the PSHE folder for more ideas.

Next week we will be looking at Superworm, I will be doing a video of me reading the story so look out for it.

Have a lovely weekend.



Cakes and sunflowers

Wednesday 13th May

Hi 2S

I hope you have had a lovely day.

Today, we have had a bit of a chilling out day and I have spent lots of time talking with the teachers at school via zoom.

We have been talking about how some children are a bit worried about coming back to school. Now, I know that you will not be coming back yep but perhaps you may have brothers and sisters who might be.  I just want to reassure you that we wont be back until Mrs Burrell says that it safe to do so.  If you have got any worries you can always send me an email on Purple Mash and I will try to help.  Make sure you watch Mrs Burrell's video for today as well.

Yesterday I spoke to Rory and Ayden.  Rory had been painting stones and Ayden had been doing his maths work.

I also received a few emails with work which was fab. Olivia I loved your leaf drawings and your ice cream looked delicious! Josh sent me a photo of all the lovely things he has been doing. He also pointed out that one of the Geography questions didn't make sense - I have let Twinkl know! Lucy have made a great minibeast poster and written a poem.

The highlight of my day yesterday was when the post arrived.  I received a letter in a brown envelope, which usually means its a bill!  Luckily it wasn't, Mrs Wheeler had sent me a card that had been sent to school and this was also from Lucy.  Thank you so much Lucy, it really made my day and I miss you too.  In the card Lucy wrote a joke which I thought was very funny.  Why did the barbies all line up? .......  because they wanted to have a barbeque! LOL!

Speak to you tomorrow

Mrs Scrivener x

Lucy's Letter

Monday 11th May

Hello 2S

I hope that you have had a lovely week. Did you have any VE Day celebrations.

I've had a relaxing weekend.  We have been for a walk in the sunshine and the boys have been practising on their bikes.  I also finally finished my Harry Potter puzzle.  Josh you inspired me with the pictures of your Harry Potter puzzles, I've posted a photo so you (and your Mum) can see mine!

Over the weekend I've had some pictures and emails come through from you so thank you.  Jacob - your picture looks fab.  Did you see anyone else's from 2S? Jack - you have been working hard, I love your statue! Jaylee - you have also have been very busy.  Thank you for sending me the recipe for the chocolate cupcakes, I will buy the ingredients and have a go at making them.

My phone calls from the end of last week are as follows:

Lucy - has had lots of fun playing in the garden and in her sandpit.

Aiden - has been researching centipedes.  He is also planning on making his own You Tube channel for Minecraft. (Stanley and Freddie and ready to give you a like and subscribe!)

Olivia - has been making sock puppets including some based on Teen Titans.

Freddie - is loving minibeast and has written an ant fact file.

Daphne has been relaxing this week and has made a VE day cake.

Josh - has dyed his hair blue!! He has been doing lots of sport and has been on a 10km bike ride.


Keep smiling smiley

Mrs Scrivener x

Harry Potter puzzle

Wednesday 6th May

Hello 2S

I hope you have had a lovely day and you have enjoyed the sunshine.  Today is Mr Scrivener's birthday so we have had a delicious treat of afternoon tea.  I have posted a picture for you to see.

I have spoken to quite a few of you today and you all seem to be enjoying the minibeast work we have set you.  Freddie sent me some photos of minibeast that he found on his walk today so I thought you might like to see them too.  I have posted them below.  If you have found any please send them in.

So here are all the people I have spoken to:

Ilana - has learnt how to tell the time and has been enjoying watching the Simpsons.

Oliver has been doing some gardening and some DIY.

Molly has been enjoying her new books and dog walks.

Jaylee has been painting stones and leaving them around White Court so keep your eyes peeled!  She has also promised me she is going to write some instructions on how to make a chocolate cake so I am really looking forward to see that.

Jack has been has been enjoying Horrible Histories and has been building Jurassic Park Lego.

Jessica has been practising her fractions and and playing with her LOL dolls.

Freya has been riding her bike and making cakes - yummy.

Jorja has been playing IT with Megan and Adele and playing Monopoly, which is my favourite game.

William is enjoying dressing up, yesterday he was Spiderman and a tiger, today he was Santa!  I wonder who he will be tomorrow?

Reid has been busy planting his allotment, he has planted beans, cucumbers, courgettes and radishes. 


Phew what a busy day you have all had!


Please keep sending me you work and photos or an email on Purple Mash.

Mrs Scrivenerlaugh

Afternoon tea

Freddie's photos

Monday 4th May


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  This weekend, me and Freddie have tried making Mrs Burrell's cheese straws which were delicious and we have also tried a science experiment with Skittles to make rainbows.  I have made a video to show you how to do it (see below).

I have tried calling some people today, just remember when I call it comes up with an unknown number.  Here is who I have spoken to and what they have been up to.

Maggie has been playing schools with her teddies, apparently they are quite chatty like 2S! She has also made some chocolate brownie which I have suggested she cuts into halves and quarters to help with her fraction work.

Jacob read me some of his super sentences from his work today and has just about cracked how to ride his bike.  Well done!

Kian has been playing and doing some school work.

Finley has been playing games, emailing his friends on Purple Mash and has been designing his own T-shirts.

Summer has been doing some reading and told me about the plants she is growing.  She is going some sunflowers like me so we are going to see who can grow the tallest.  If you are growing some you can join in the competition too.

Shout out to Jack who sent me some of his work, beautiful handwriting!!  Jessica sent me lots of pictures of all the things she has been doing, well done.

In May, we will be thinking a lot about mindfulness and thinking about how we feel.  On Twitter all of the teachers will be doing something each day to make you feel calm and happy, have a look.  Or you can look in  the PSHE folder on the home learning page for some more ideas.

Don't forget to keep sending me you work either on Twitter (@ScrivenerMrs) or email it to

Keep smiling :)

Mrs Scrivener


Skittles experiment

Still image for this video

Friday 1st May


I hope you are all ok. 

I've had a busy few days trying to get my school work done as well as doing Stanley and Freddie's home learning. 

Today we have had a go at Mrs Burrell's challenge of drawing ourselves to put up around the school. Please try to do one as well and then either drop it off at school or send a photo of it

Thank you to Freddie and Jacob who have sent me some beautiful pictures of flowers they have taken from the challenge I set you. Keep them coming in. 

Well done Freya, i loved the video of you riding your bike. I knew if you persevered you could do it. 

I've spoken to a few of you this week who are feeling a little bit sad at the moment. That is perfectly normal in this situation as it is something out of the ordinary. Have a look in the PSHE section on home learning section to give you some ideas of things that might help you. I will let you in to a secret... even teachers feel sad and worried too but we will get through it. I have my fingers crossed that we will be back together soon.  I will be phoning again next week so if you are worried about anything we can talk about it when I phone.

Have a fab weekend.

Mrs Scrivener